Flamingo power disk
Flamingo Croquet Mallet
Franchise Alice in Wonderland
Type Pack
Availability Power Disc

"Play croquet like the Queen of Hearts with this unusual mallet from Alice in Wonderland."

The Flamingo Croquet Mallet is a Pack that first appears in Disney Infinity 1.0. It is a Series 2 Power Disc. It is used as a melee weapon, as if it is a sword. Alice and the Flamingo Mallet are featured on the disc.

In Disney Infinity 2.0, by using the Loot Editor, you can unlock this without a Power Disc.


  • If the mallet is used against an enemy, feathers will fall from it and it will make a squawking sound.
  • There were many flamingos used as mallets in the film, but the mallet in-game is based on the one that Alice used when she played against the Queen.


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