Flubber (film)
Directed by Les Mayfield
Produced by John Hughes, David Nicksay, William Ryan
Written by John Hughes, Bill Walsh
Music by Danny Elfman
Distributed by Walt Disney Pictures, Great Oaks Entertainment
Release Date November 26, 1997
Running Time 93 minutes

Flubber is a 1997 live-action film produced by Walt Disney Pictures.


The story follows Professor Philip Brainard, an absent-minded college chemistry professor who is trying to save Medfield college, where his girlfriend Sara is a dean, by creating a new source of energy. On the afternoon of his third attempt to marry Sara (he had missed the wedding the first two times), he accidentally creates a strange substance that behaves like rubber, but harnesses much more energy and bounces incredibly high. He calls it Flubber, a portmanteau of the words flying and rubber. While he is greatly excited by his discovery, he misses his third wedding, and when he tries to explain this to Sara, she breaks up with him and begins a relationship with his archrival, Professor Wilson Croft. Brainard then tries to use Flubber to win Sara back, creating a special substance derived from Flubber to put on the bottoms of the shoes of the Medfield basketball team to help them to win a championship game; and using Flubber on a classic car engine to cause the car to fly. While he does win Sara back, he loses Flubber when Wilson Croft teams up with a rich and corrupt businessman to steal the Flubber. After a fight, Brainard and Sara steal back the Flubber and then get married.

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