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Monstersu 3
Frat Row
Franchise Monsters, Inc. (Monsters University)
Type Fraternity Row
Location Monsters University, Monstropolis
Appearances Monsters University Play Set

Frat Row is the location of the Fraternity and Sorority houses in Monsters University. It is located close to, if not on, Monsters University's property, and is only accessible in the daytime. The residents here are friends, and help out with Fear-It Week. Whenever visited, some of the houses are missing, and become missions to rebuild.

List of houses[]

The following is a list of houses featured in the game.


  • OK (Oozma Kappa)
  • JΘΧ (Jaws Theta Chi)
  • ΩH (Omega Howl)
  • ΓRR (Gamma Roar Roar)
  • RΩR (Roar Omega Roar)
  • ΣOP (Slugma Oozma Python)


  • ΣΣK (Slugma Slugma Kappa)
  • PNK (Python Nu Kappa)
  • HSS (Eta Hiss Hiss)
  • ΣΚΘ (Slugma Kappa Theta)
  • XOA (Chi Phi Argma)
  • AEA (Argma Slugma Argma)