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Garden Ballroom
Garden Ballroom
Type Room

The Garden Ballroom is a Room that can be used in the INterior. It is unlocked in My INterior in Disney Infinity 2.0 and 3.0.

There are eleven plants with different symbols in front of them in the room. If the correct Disney Princess Costume interacts with the correct symbol, a new plant themed to the princess will appear. Beginning from the left side of the door and going clockwise around the room, the Disney Princesses and their symbols are:

  1. Sleeping Beauty Costume (Briar Rose)
  2. Cinderella Costume (Pumpkin)
  3. Snow White Costume (Apple)
  4. Ariel Costume (Starfish)
  5. Mulan Costume (Magnolia)
  6. Elsa Costume or Anna Costume (Snowflake)
  7. Merida Costume (Celtic symbol)
  8. Jasmine Costume (Jasmine)
  9. Vanellope Von Schweetz Costume (Candy)
  10. Belle Costume (Rose)
  11. Rapunzel Costume (Magic Golden Flower)

Any of the Princess Costumes may appear at random if the Guest Gatherer is present and active. Otherwise, it is possible to manually place a Costume in the room from the INterior Townspeople group. Placing a Playable Character on the Disney Infinity Base will unlock the corresponding Costume.


  • Wall Decorations cannot be placed inside this room.
  • The Disney Princess Costumes that also act as My INterior mission givers may not unlock their corresponding plant. In such cases, it may be necessary to manually place the corresponding Disney Princess Costume in the room.
  • Waiting for a Disney Princess Costume to appear, randomly walk up to the correct plant, and randomly interact with it can be a lengthy process. This can be sped up by making a "corral" of Floor Decorations around one or more plants, and placing the correct Disney Princess Costume within it. It is also useful to barricade the room from the outside to prevent other Costumes from wandering in and distracting the Disney Princess Costumes (and then picking up and booting out any other Costumes or INterior Townspeople). Once a plant has been unlocked, remove that Disney Princess Costume to avoid them from also being a distraction for the remaining ones.
  • The state of the room is supposed to be persistent; that is, once a plant is unlocked, it should stay unlocked. However there are times when, once the room has been completed, it will reset. This appears to be a glitch.


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