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Icon-hint-3.0 HELP TIP: As you explore the Toy Box Hub, keep an eye out for Gifts. They could be hiding anywhere!

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A surprise Gift has appeared!
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The Gift is only available in Disney Infinity 3.0.

It may appear at the Lobby Entrance of My INterior, or in a random preset location in the Toy Box Hub[1]. When collected, it will reward the player with one of the following:

In the Toy Box Hub, one will appear approximately two minutes after entering the hub, and respawn approximately two minutes after it has been collected.


  • Narrator: A surprise Gift has appeared![3]
  • Narrator: You found a Gift! It contains a surprise Toy Box toy from the Toy Store that is yours to keep.



  1. This is usually announced by the Toy Box Narrator as "A surprise Gift has appeared!", and may also occur immediately after defeating a wave of Enemies that spawn in the Halloween Town area.
  2. Blue Sparks may be awarded even if other items are available, i.e. if all Sidekicks have not been unlocked and all Toys have not been purchased from the Toy Store.
  3. As this includes locations that may be at a distance away from and above or below the level of the main terrain in the Toy Box Hub (where additional hub features exclusive to Playstation 4 and Xbox One can be unlocked), some players may (intentionally) hear this as "A surprise Gift disappeared!"