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Go Disney Infinity, It's Your Birthday!

The music video.

Go Infinity, It's Your Birthday was a video posted by the official Disney Infinity YouTube channel on September 18th, 2013 to celebrate the one-month anniversary of Disney Infinity.[1] It depicted various Playable Characters from the game dancing to a hip-hop song. This dancing effect was achieved by taking a video of the characters' regular movements and playing them back in ways that simulated dance.


(spoken) Check the mic, make sure it sounds right, boy!

Well, who knows the math!

Go Woody, it's your birthday
Go Helen, it's your birthday
Go Sulley, it's your birthday
Go Jack Sparrow, it's your birthday

Go Vanellope, it's your birthday
Go Bobby, it's your birthday
Go Lightyear, it's your birthday
Go Davy, it's your birthday

Infinity, yeah, it's your birthday
Yeah, yeah, yeah, you were born

Go Syndrome, it's your birthday
Go Violet, it's your birthday
Go H-Bar, it's your birthday
Go Mickey, it's your birthday

Go Lone Ranger, it's your birthday
Go Ralph, it's your birthday
Go Air Conditioner, it's your birthday
Go Mikey, it's your birthday

It's like that, y'all!
Infinity, yeah, it's your birthday
Uh-huh, uh-huh

The record's been set straight, but he's here to set it straighter
He's gettin' jiggy with the jam, not science propaganda
When it's time to pop, the DJ's bust the fader
He's the tra-tra-tra-tra-tra dance floor perpetrator

He's a pirate with a plan, and he's got the clout
Scrutiny and mutiny are what he's all about
He can bust 'em down like a sodden trout
Barbossa's gonna turn this party out

Yeah, Infinity, yeah, yeah, it's your birthday
Oh, yeah, don't you know it, it's your birthday

It's not a toy!


  • This video is infamous among the Disney Infinity community for the way it prominently showcased the gameplay of Emperor Zurg before he was scrapped as a playable character, more so than most videos that included him.
  • The Air Conditioning Unit was made to dance by going into editor mode with the Magic Wand and simply rotating it on the dance floor.
  • The AC unit's inclusion in the video prompted a YouTube user to ask the Disney Infinity Twitter account whether there would be an AC Unit figure released in the future. They jokingly replied that they could neither confirm nor deny this.

The Disney Infinity Twitter account on the possibility of an AC Unit figure.

  • Like many other videos posted by the Disney Infinity YouTube channel, this video depicts many characters in the Toy Box together, while the actual game allows for a maximum of four, and even then, only in online multiplayer mode.