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  • A sudden burst of strength! That's what I live for!
  • Behold the might of the Green Goblin!
  • Clumsy bungler!
  • Down but never out!
  • Have you been good while I was gone?
  • Hello, and welcome to the green side.
  • I can feel myself getting stronger!
  • I'm back from my trip and brought you some pumpkin treats.
  • Let's play. I promise to be nice.
  • Never again will you underestimate the Goblin!
  • Smile!
  • So here we are again.
  • Soon I shall be truly unstoppable!
  • The Green Goblin lives! Do-gooders beware!
  • Want another something from my little bag of tricks?
  • Well, speak of the devil, here I am!
  • You're going to be a stain on the pavement!