Green Goblin glider
Green Goblin Glider
Franchise Spider-Man
Type Pack
Unlock by placing Green Goblin on the Disney Infinity Base

The Green Goblin Glider is a Pack in Disney Infinity 2.0. It originates from Marvel's Spider-Man Play Set. When equipped, it allows the player to freely fly around on it. It also has cannons at the front that shoot green bursts of energy. It is unlocked automatically by taking ownership of a Green Goblin figure, and requires no further purchase to use. However, it was not available when the Green Goblin figure was first released, and required an update to the game to unlock, as with the Identity Disc from Disney Infinity 1.0.


  • The glider is a unique case in that it behaves as both a Pack and a Flying Vehicle at the same time. It is equipped as a Pack, but operated as a Flying Vehicle. It shares this trait with Aladdin's Magic Carpet, the Spider-Glider, and Jack-O-Lantern's Glider. It can also use Vehicle Weapons.
  • It is possible to escape the enclosed interior by placing Rapunzel's Bed (facing vertically so the pillows face towards the door) and equip the Green Goblin Glider (or anything similar to it for that matter). Hop into the small space between the bed and the wall, then activate the glider to inadvertently be pushed outside the INterior walls into space. The player is then capable of walking on top of the INterior with ease for as long as they wish, though they must be defeated or reset gameplay to respawn inside.


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