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Are you looking for the Hall of Super Heroes or Hall of Galactic Heroes?

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Hall of Heroes
Disney Infinity
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The Hall of Heroes is first available in Disney Infinity 1.0.

It is a place where players can view all the Playable Characters and Power Discs they have used. It is divided into three separate areas, one for each Edition of Disney Infinity.

In Disney Infinity 1.0, it can be accessed from the menu or the purple World Pad on the Disney Infinity Hub in the Toy Box Launch. It consists of a central area with the character pedestals and disc slots encircling a pillar of light with the Disney Infinity icon in it. In the starting area, there is a Disney Infinity Hub and stands for Crystal Figures in the back.

In Disney Infinity 2.0, an extension was added for the new Disney and Pixar characters and discs. Entering the Hall in this edition will place the character in front of a Toy Box Door on a side path. The 2.0 Hall is reached by turning to the right, while the 1.0 Hall is reached by turning to the left. A separate Hall of Super Heroes was also added for Marvel characters and discs.

In Disney Infinity 3.0, the Hall was extended again for new Disney and Pixar characters and discs. Entering the Hall in this edition will place the character in front of a Toy Box Door, facing the new Hall. The Halls for prior editions can be reached by turning around and heading through a tunnel path. A separate Hall of Galactic Heroes was also added for Star Wars characters and discs.


Icon-hint-3.0.png HELP TIP: Your Hall of Heroes will improve as you play Disney Infinity.

In Disney Infinity 1.0, the Hall evolves as players earn stars in the Play Sets and the Toy Box. The architecture improves and you receive additional decorations. 

  • 0 Stars - Only the basic Hall with no additional decorations.
  • 1 Star - Stage 1 adds some details to the floor
  • 4 Stars - Stage 2 adds some initial walls
  • 9 Stars - Stage 3 gives you some interior planters
  • 16 Stars - Stage 4 provides columns to the outside of the Hall
  • 25 Stars - Stage 5 adds plants to the lower area inside the Hall
  • 37 Stars - Stage 6 gives you inside columns and a ring around the top
  • 52 Stars - Stage 7 puts a dome over the top of the hall
  • 70 Stars - Stage 8 adds plants outside of the hall
  • 92 Stars - Stage 9 provides statues on the upper ring
  • 118 Stars - Stage 10 puts some plants on the dome
  • 148 Stars - Stage 11 hangs banners on the lower levels
  • 183 Stars - Stage 12 gives you an outside garden as well as a central tree and a pond
  • 223 Stars - Stage 13 adds an outside garden with Townspeople statues
  • 268 Stars - Stage 14 provides an upper ring as well as some outside plants
  • 318 Stars - The final stage hangs banners on the upper level

Character Statues

Initially, each Playable Character has an empty pedestal representing their location. Walking up to it and pressing the (action) button will allow the player to "View Info", showing a picture of the character, their name, the franchise they belong to, and a brief description. When a character reaches level 1, a bronze statue will appear on the character's pedestal. Reaching level 5 changes the statue color to silver, and reaching level 10 will finally change it to gold. In 2.0, Marvel characters get holograms with little lights under the hologram that show what level they are on.

As players earn more statues, interactive buttons and events are added to the 1.0 Hall.

  • 3 - A button that sets off fireworks when jumped on appears.
  • 10 - A button that plays music appears.
  • 18 - A button that allows players to change the sky appearance.
  • 29 - A Lightsaber will appear in the billow of light, and it will be unlocked as a Pack.

Disney Infinity 1.0

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Gallery-3.0-Hall of Heroes Lone Ranger.jpg

Gallery-3.0-Hall of Heroes Fantasia.jpg

Gallery-3.0-Hall of Heroes Nightmare.jpg

Gallery-3.0-Hall of Heroes Frozen.jpg

Gallery-3.0-Hall of Heroes Phineas.jpg

Gallery-3.0-Hall of Heroes Tangled.jpg

Gallery-3.0-Hall of Heroes Wreck-It Ralph.jpg

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Gallery-3.0-Hall of Heroes Toy Story.jpg

Gallery-3.0-Hall of Heroes Infinite.jpg

  • Toys "R" Us Infinite Crystal Series (1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 Editions):
    • Infinite Buzz Lightyear
    • Infinite Lightning McQueen
    • Infinite Agent P
    • Infinite Mr. Incredible
    • Infinite Sulley
    • Infinite Jack Sparrow
    • Infinite Lone Ranger
    • Infinite Sorcerer's Apprentice Mickey
  • Other (1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 Editions [PC, iOS, Android, Windows 8 exclusive]):
    • Glow-in-the-Dark Buzz Lightyear

Disney Infinity 2.0

Gallery-3.0-Hall of Heroes Originals 1.jpg
Gallery-3.0-Hall of Heroes Originals 2.jpg
Gallery-3.0-Hall of Heroes Aladdin.jpg
Gallery-3.0-Hall of Heroes Big Hero 6.jpg

Disney Infinity 3.0

Gallery-3.0-Hall of Heroes Inside Out.jpg

Gallery-3.0-Hall of Heroes Originals 3.jpg

Gallery-3.0-Hall of Heroes Mickey.jpg

Gallery-3.0-Hall of Heroes TRON.jpg

Gallery-3.0-Hall of Heroes Zootopia.jpg

Gallery-3.0-Hall of Heroes Good Dinosaur.jpg

Disney Infinity 3.0 Extras

Gallery-3.0-Hall of Heroes Finding Dory.jpg

Gallery-3.0-Hall of Heroes Baloo.jpg

Gallery-3.0-Hall of Heroes Wonderland.jpg

Power Discs

Disney Infinity 1.0

Outer Ring

The outer ring consists of all Hexagonal Power Discs. Clockwise, starting at the opening arch:

Inner Ring

The inner ring consists of all Circular Power Discs. Clockwise, starting at the opening arch:

Disney Infinity 2.0

Inner Ring

Clockwise, from opening nearest the button:

Middle Ring

Outer Ring

Disney Infinity 3.0

Clockwise, from path nearest Toy Box Door:

Ultimate Unlock

In each edition of Disney Infinity, a special reward was unlocked for having a statue for all released characters in the game.


  • If players attach a tool or a pack to a quick swap outside of the Hall of Heroes, they can use it in the Hall of Heroes when they travel there (Disney Infinity 1.0).
  • If players are online, are in someone else's Hall of Heroes, and have the Magic Wand equipped in a quick swap, they can move around statues and place toys as if it was a Toy Box by equipping the Magic Wand. Using this method, they can see all the statutes under the building they have yet to unlock. This method showed confirmed both Agent P's Crystal variant and Buzz's Glow-in-the-Dark variant (Disney Infinity 1.0).


  • In 3.0, the music in the 1.0 hall is moved to when the player travels to the Hall of Heroes. Also, the music from the Retro Video Game Level Sky that is supposed to play when pressing the music button in the 1.0 hall is omitted.