Hangin' Ten Stitch with Surfboard
Hangin' Ten Stitch With Surfboard
Franchise Lilo & Stitch
Type Hover Board (Pack)
Availability Power Disc

Hangin' Ten Stitch With Surfboard is a pack that appears in Disney Infinity. It originates from Lilo & Stitch and it hovers above the ground like the Hover Board. Stitch is also seen on the top of the surfboard, and is a part of the surfboard. Whenever a character flips to get on or off Hawaiian instrumental strings play. It is unlocked with the use of a Power Disc. This is a Toys "R" Us exclusive, although it is also be available in the second series. The Power Disc has an image of Lilo on it.

In Disney Infinity 2.0, by using the Loot Editor, you can unlock this without a Power Disc.


Catch a wave with Stitch's hovering surfboard from Lilo and Stitch.


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