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Playset-2.0-Hot Dog Stand
Hot Dog Stand
A city-themed building piece.

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Toy Box City

Hot Dog Stand is first available in Disney Infinity 2.0.

How to obtain:

  • 2.0: It is unlocked by placing the Spider-Man Play Set game piece on the Disney Infinity Base, and can then be purchased from the Toy Store for 500 Sparks.
  • 3.0: It is available to be purchased from the Toy Store in the City Street Decorations pack for 100 Sparks.

Where to find in the Editors:


  • Neither this nor the Hotdog Stand are buildings, nor are they building sized, but they are categorized as such under "Unfiltered".
  • Despite being obtained from the Spider-Man Play Set, it does not appear under "Toy Origin"/"Spider-Man Set", but rather "Decorations"/"City".