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I. Am. Groot.
Toy Box I. Am. Groot.
Creator MightyGitis
Challenge Toy Box Summit 2014, Best of 2014 Featured Toy Boxes
Place First (at Toy Box Summit), Third (Best of 2014)

I. Am. Groot. was a featured toy box created at Toy Box Summit 2014, where it placed first place in the Toy Box Summit Challenge. It was made public on 9/26/14 and was created by MightyGitis. It was later voted third place in the Best of 2014 Featured Toy Boxes.


Sakaaran soldiers are attacking Groot's home world, Planet X. Help! Created during Toy Box Summit 2014.


  • For creating this first place winning toy box, MightyGitis became the first ever Disney Infinity community member to have a Disney Infinity townsperson be made in their likeness.
  • MightyGitis also won all Disney Infinity 2.0 figures for winning the Toy Box Summit Challenge.