Interior Spaces

An INterior seen from the outside.

"Welcome to your very own INterior! There's not much to it right now, but that's where you come in. You can change floor plans, add rooms and hallways, decorate with furniture, posters and awards... The opportunities are endless!"
-Toy Box Host, Introduction to Toy Box 2.0

The INterior is a new concept introduced in Disney Infinity: 2.0 Edition. It allows the player to create their own house with several rooms, and to decorate it with furniture and decorations of their choice.

Similar to the Toy Box, you can create your own worlds. The INterior has exclusive customizations and decorations, which can not be used in the Toy Box. The Toy Box also have different toys that can't be used in INteriors. They still have many of the same Creativi-toys and Townspeople.You can place furniture and many other things.


  • When a Room is moved, everything in it is reset to default and all decorations are removed, forcing the player to start their customization all over again if they move the room.
  • When playing a while a gift will show up.If you have bought everything for Disney Infinity Interior,you can earn locked thing from playsets such as the Inside Out Chandilier. 
  • It is possible to escape the enclosed interior by placing Rapunzel's Bed (facing vertically so the pillows face towards the door) and equip the Green Goblin Glider (or anything similar to it for that matter). Hop into the small space between the bed and the wall, then activate the glider to inadvertently be pushed outside the INterior walls into space. The player is then capable of walking on top of the INterior with ease for as long as they wish, though they must die/reset gameplay to respawn inside.


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