Identity Disc
Identity Disc
Franchise TRON
Type Weapon (Pack)
Unlock The Toy Vault

The Identity Disc is a pack used as a weapon in Disney Infinity. The disc is attached to the player's back when they have equipped it. While in use, they will throw the disc at their opponent and it will ricochet off of various opponents before returning to the player. It originates from the live-action film TRON, where it has the same purpose. It was made unlockable in the Toy Vault via a patch on November 5th, 2013, and is only available in the first game via internet connection.

In Disney Infinity 2.0, the disc is available for purchase in the toy store, without internet connection. It is also the default pack of both Sam Flynn and Quorra.


  • When the disc hits a character, it causes the character to pixelate. If the disc is used to kill the character, it causes them to derez.


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