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Identity Disc
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Equipped as Pack

Identity Disc is first available in Disney Infinity 1.0. When used, the player will throw the disc at their opponent and it will ricochet off of other opponents before returning to the player. In Disney Infinity 1.0, it was made unlockable in the Toy Vault via a patch on November 5th, 2013, and is only available via internet connection. In later editions, it is included in the game by default. It is Sam Flynn and Quorra's default Pack.

How to obtain:

  • 1.0: It is unlocked by using a Spin in the Disney Infinity Vault.
  • 2.0: It is available to be purchased from the Toy Store for Sparks. It could also be unlocked by linking a Disney Account with the game.[1]
  • 3.0: It is available to be purchased from the Toy Store for Sparks.

Where to find in the Toy Store:


  • When the disc hits a character, it causes the character to pixelate. If the disc is used to kill the character, it causes them to derez.
  • It is the only item in Disney Infinity 1.0 to be added via an update.



  1. This required access to the Disney Infinity servers, which is no longer possible after shutdown.