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Skydome-ToyStory-Infinity and Beyond
Infinity and Beyond
Toy Story
A star-filled view of the Gamma Quadrant from the Toy Story Play Set.
HexIcoN-game-Toy Story IcoN-Edition-1.0
Type Skydome
Texture Set Alien Planet

Infinity and Beyond is a Customization which allows the player to change the Skydome in the Toy Box. It is first available in Disney Infinity 1.0.

How to obtain:



The Skydome is dark blue and filled with twinkling stars. It also features a giant blue planet, a galaxy, a purple nebula, and some shooting stars.


  • While the Toy Store description states "Toy Story" Play Set, the actual Play Set name as displayed in Disney Infinity 1.0 is "Toy Story in Space".