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Introduction to Disney Infinity

“Discover the power and magic of imagination as you make your way into Disney Infinity.” --Description on Disney Infinity 1.0 menu

Introduction to Disney Infinity is automatically started the first time a new player starts Disney Infinity 1.0. It serves as both a demo and a brief tutorial on using the controller. Once completed, it can be replayed by selecting Toy Box > Prebuilt Toy Box Worlds > Introduction to Disney Infinity from the main menu.

Note: Prior to starting the tutorial, it is possible to hit the Start button on the controller to access and change options, including captions and controller defaults. This may be useful (and even necessary) if, for example, the player is used to having the Y-axis controls inverted.

For a complete walkthrough as captioned, see Introduction to Disney Infinity/Walkthrough.


  • The initial scene waits for the player to move the left stick to begin. Once started, the scene is effectively timed and will continue on its own unless the player actively moves their "spark of imagination" to collect the other incoming Sparks and speed up the process. The Narrator's lines are tied to the appearance of Spark numbers 1, 7, and 9.
  • Once the player reaches the terrain, the Narrator speaks his fourth line - and not again until the player reaches the gates before meeting Sorcerer's Apprentice Mickey for the first time.
    • Upon meeting Sorcerer's Apprentice Mickey, the player is directed to use (RS) to look up. If the control isn't what the player expects or prefers, this is a good opportunity to go to Options and invert the vertical settings.
    • At this point, it is now possible for the player to turn the camera around to face the direction of travel. This makes it easier to look for additional Sparks.
    • It is no longer possible to go back to the initial terrain after this point; if the player attempts to do so, the gates will close, blocking their path.
    • The player can also jump and double jump at this point, even though the intro has not yet provided instruction on how to do so.
  • Sparks can be found and collected on the terrain, depending on how far the player cares to explore. There are at least 34 Sparks on the terrain portion of the intro:
    • 19 from when the player arrives until meeting Sorcerer's Apprentice Mickey for the first time,
    • 4 after meeting Jack Skellington and prior to meeting Rapunzel,
    • 1 after meeting Vanellope and Wreck-It Ralph,
    • 6 after meeting Woody before following him through the tunnel,
    • none after meeting Sulley, Mike and Randy at Monsters University,
    • 4 after meeting Jack Sparrow,
    • none in Metroville - breakable items can still be broken but do not produce collectible Sparks,
    • none on the terrain following the free fall scene and the battle with the Zurgbots.
  • In the free fall scene, the Glide Pack can't be activated until the intro provides instructions to do so.
  • If the player tries to explore the terrain further prior to meeting up with Sorcerer's Apprentice Mickey at this point, terrain blocks will be raised to block the player's path.
  • In the final section when climbing the castle as its being raised, if the player attempts to search for more Sparks, additional castle walls will be raised to block the player's path.
  • The ending scene of the introduction is a recreation of the 2006 Walt Disney Pictures logo with the Disney and Pixar characters being shown.