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Introduction to the Toy Box (aka Toy Box Launch[1]) is a starting area for players in Disney Infinity 2.0. It begins when the player moves forward to the Guiding Star from Disney Treasure Hunt and places the Disney Infinity Toy Stand.

This Toy Box includes a number of Toy Box Hosts to help guide players throughout the tutorials.

The default Style is "Toy Box Terrain".

Toy Box Hosts[]

The Toy Box Hosts below are listed in the order they appear going clockwise around the center, beginning where the player's character first appears in this Toy Box.

Vehicles Host[]

The Luigi Costume serves as the Vehicles Host, and introduces players to the mechanics of driving and flying Vehicles, as well as riding Mounts in Disney Infinity 2.0. Additionally, players can participate in a race on a race track that goes around the Toy Box, or do stunts in a stunt bowl found here.

Creation Host[]

The Merlin Costume serves as the Creation Host, and offers a number of Toy Box Host missions about creating content in a Toy Box.

Exploration Host[]

The Mulan Costume servers as the Exploration Host, introducing players to the basics of movement and exploration including jumping, double jumping, and ledge grabbing.

Toy Store Host[]

The Oaken Costume servers as the Toy Store Host, introducing players to the Toy Store and how Toys are obtained.

Combat Host[]

The Phil Costume serves as the Combat Host, and instructs players how to fight in Disney Infinity 2.0.

Rescue Host[]

The Fairy Godmother Costume serves as the Rescue Host for a mission exclusive to this Toy Box, which requires the player to rescue a princess. She does not appear until the player has interacted with the Combat Host.

Toy Box Butler[]

The Cogsworth Costume serves as the Toy Box Butler for My INterior. The first time a character talks to him, a tree house representation of the player's My INterior home is built in the Toy Box. He does not appear until the player has interacted with the Fairy Godmother.


  1. The main menu for Disney Infinity 2.0 names this "Introduction to the Toy Box", while manually saving it via the Pause menu names this "Toy Box Launch". As with 1.0, it can be saved; however, unlike 1.0, the name cannot be changed, nor can more than one version of it be saved.