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  • Did the world just disappear for a moment, or did I?
  • Feel my power!
  • From the heart of the dragon Shou-Lao, I live!
  • I hope that's not a regular occurrence from now on.
  • I see you do not follow the path of wisdom.
  • I vow to use this increase in power to serve the forces of good.
  • I'm back, and more powerful than ever!
  • I'm glad to be back so soon.
  • Iron Fist is my name, and my weapon.
  • It's foolhardy to oppose an Eternal Weapon.
  • Make way for Iron Fist!
  • My power increases!
  • New strength flows through me!
  • No evil thing stands a chance against me now!
  • Now you feel the shame of defeat!
  • That felt... odd.
  • The power within me grows!
  • Today was not your day.
  • Where did I go just then?
  • With each blow comes a lesson.
  • You dare attack one who has faced dragons?
  • You'll not soon forget the lesson I'm about to teach you.