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  • Are you trying to get rid of me?
  • Compliments of Stark Industries!
  • Could be worse.
  • Cute. Very cute.
  • Did somebody hit the "reset" button?
  • Do I have your attention?!
  • Don’t be mad.
  • Don’t you think that was a little bit of an overreaction?
  • Everybody's favorite Avenger is here!
  • Get used to losing, pal!
  • Here we go!
  • How’d you like them apples?
  • I am Iron Man!
  • I blinked. What happened?
  • I'm back. Did you miss me?
  • Is there any wonder I’m an idol to millions?
  • It's over.
  • Knock. Knock. Anyone home?
  • Let me guess, life just wasn't the same without me?
  • Maybe I should call in some backup.
  • No fair!
  • Not really diggin' the surprise attacks, huh?
  • Oh, come on.
  • Oh, hi there.
  • Okay, hot shot, now I’m motivated.
  • Playtime is over.
  • Party with Iron Man. And you're invited.
  • Please don’t do that.
  • Ready to have some fun?
  • Remember this moment.
  • Somebody needs a time-out.
  • Special delivery!
  • Super hero, billionaire, and, let's face it, all around amazing guy. That'd be me.
  • Take it easy!
  • That was a cheap shot, my friend.
  • That’ll strain my power cells.
  • Wake up! Dad's home!
  • Want a little more?
  • What, no applause?
  • Winning is never overrated.
  • "Welcome back!" to me.
  • Yep. That woke me up.
  • Yes!
  • You missed me, didn't you?
  • You really outdid yourself this time.