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Jack Skellington
The Nightmare Before Christmas
Direct from Halloween Town, it's the one and only Pumpkin King!
HexIcoN-ToyBox-1.0 IcoN-Edition-1.0
Model INF-1000022
Costume Jack Skellington Costume
Sidekick Jack Skellington Sidekick
Voiced by Chris Sarandon,
Sergio Zaldivar,
Antonio Miguel Fernandez Ramos[1]
Costume change Sandy Claws Surprise
Combat Brawler
Icon-ability-HeightenedSenses Icon-ability-SuperJumper

Jack Skellington (aka the Pumpkin King) is a character from the Walt Disney Pictures The Nightmare Before Christmas film. He may be used in:

"Jack's Nightmare" is added to the Disney Infinity 1.0 Adventures menu when the figure is placed on the Disney Infinity Base.

He was released on October 1st exclusively at EB Games in Canada, on October 5th at GameStop, and was released everywhere later on October 28th.


Jack has a scare ability much like the Monsters University characters. He also comes with Halloween Town Jack-O-Lanterns for long range attacks.

Jack's Toy Box Adventure is called Jack's Nightmare, where he has to survive enemy attacks for three rounds.

In Disney Infinity 1.0, Jack has four Character Chests, which unlock his costume, the Halloween Town Jack-O-Lanterns, the Halloween Town Gate, and the Sally Costume.

His Special Abilities include "Heightened Senses" and "Super Jumper".


Skellington Concept

Jack's character development.

Disney decided to make a Jack Skellington figure due to the fact that 2013, the year of Infinity's release, was also the twentieth anniversary of the release of The Nightmare Before Christmas.

According to Jeff Bunker, designing Jack to fit with the art style of Disney Infinity was difficult. The Disney Infinity art style is shorter, thicker Characters, but Jack, tall and thin, is exactly the opposite of this. The team experimented with making Jack shorter and thicker, but they decided to revert him back to his original form. The final version of Jack actually resembles his original design quite a bit, perhaps more than the final version of most characters.

As they do with all Characters in the games, the team worked very closely with Jack's creator Tim Burton to make sure Jack was as good as he could possibly be. John Vignocchi recalled that "Tim was an absolute pleasure to work with. When you’re making the original creator of that character happy, you’re going to make the fans happy."


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  • Greetings, my friend! It is I, Jack... the Pumpkin King!
  • No treats for you this Halloween!
  • I get another chance? How marvelous!


  • Jack is the only stop-motion character in Disney Infinity.
  • In Disney Infinity 2.0, he was given a costume change power disc, Sandy Claws Surprise, which gives him his Sandy Claws outfit.
  • Jack was the first character from Disney Infinity 1.0 to be confirmed to have a costume change disc in Disney Infinity 2.0.
  • Jack's block breaker does not actually break blocks, but deals quite a bit of damage.
  • In Disney Infinity 3.0, if Jack is hit, his face will stretch and deform temporarily, instead of getting a worried face.


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