Jasmine's Palace View
Jasmine's Palace View
Franchise Aladdin
Type Customization (Skydome) Disc

Jasmine's Palace View is a Customization Power Disc in Disney Infinity: 2.0 Edition exclusive for the Aladdin Toy Box Pack. It is themed around the sky from Agrabah, the main location of the classic Disney film, Aladdin. Its Texture Set counterpart is The Sands of Agrabah.


Transform the skyline of your Toy Box with this power disc and you will feel as if you're in the land of Agrabah!


This Skydome is set in the evening in the dessert outside of Agrabah. The Sultan's palace can be seen, with the sun setting behind it.


  • This Power Disc is exclusive for the Aladdin Toy Box Pack, along with The Sands of Agrabah Power Disc.
  • This, Along with The Sands of Agrabah, Are used in the Disney Infinity 3.0 Challenge, Arabian Racers. (Accessed via the Vehicle Portal in the 3.0 Hub). But they can't be used outside if it without the physical Discs.
  • This Is a very good choice for someone who wants To have a sunset Skydome, Due to its exotic coloration.


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