Toy Story
Straight from Woody's Roundup, she's a friend to folks and critters alike!
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Model INF-1000009
Costume Jessie Costume
Sidekick Jessie Sidekick
Voiced by Kathryn Cressida[1]
Nuria Trifol[2]
Combat Brawler

Jessie is a character from the Pixar Toy Story 2 film, and is included in the Toy Story in Space Play Set. She may be used in:

"Jessie's Critter Corral" is added to the Disney Infinity 1.0 Adventures menu when the figure is placed on the Disney Infinity Base.

Jessie was released on October 22nd.[3]


Just like Buzz and Woody, she can shoulder bash into enemies and throw a small Pixar Ball. Her Special Ability is "Marksman".


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  • Somebody call for a yodelin' cowgirl?
  • Sorry about that! Had to be done.
  • Yee-haw! I'm ready. Let me at 'em!



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