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Jiminy Cricket

Jiminy Cricket is a character from Disney's Pinocchio. He was planned to introduce the opening cinematic of Disney Infinity 4.0. The initial concept was for Jiminy to float down on his umbrella and narrate the introduction through the use of a storybook, in a similar style to the introduction of Pinocchio.[1][2]

A costume version has been available in-game since Disney Infinity 1.0.


  • Disney Infinity animator Thomas Estrada said that it was a big challenge getting Jiminy's movements just right. He really wanted to do the character justice, so he cleared out his entire schedule so he could focus on animating the character.[1]
  • It is unknown if he was going to be released but Thomas Estrada said there was no talk of making him a figure as far as he knew.[1]
  • No animation of Jiminy was ever completed for the game; the only completed footage of him is a test animation set to dialogue from the film.[1][3]