John Blackburn is the CEO and co-founder of Avalanche Software[1], as well as the originator of the concept behind Disney Infinity[2]. He has worked with video games for over twenty years, and founded Avalanche in 1995. Since the 2005 acquiring of his company by Disney Interactive Studios, he has helped to direct the video games made by his company for Disney, including Disney Infinity and Disney Infinity: 2.0 Edition.[3]

Disney Infinity

John got the idea for Disney Infinity while working on the video game adaptation of Disney/Pixar's Toy Story 3, produced by Avalanche. He wanted to make a new kind of video game, one that was not necessarily just a tie-in to a new movie. It was then that he realized that the reason why all of the very different characters in the movie can coexist is simply because they are toys. Inspired, he asked his developers to create a small, prototype version of Infinity using characters and props from the Toy Story 3 game and present it to a beta test group, made up of kids. The group loved it, and John put his group to work on building the game on a larger scale. At first, the concept was only to extend to the Toy Story franchise, but it soon expanded to include many more.[2]



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