"I mean, our bench is deep, bro!"
-John Vignocchi, in an interview with GameInformer, referring to the potential Playable Characters that could be added to the games.[1]


Mr. Vignocchi with Sulley's figure

John Vignocchi is an executive producer at Disney Interactive Studios. He has helped produce Disney Infinity. He also hosts Toy Box TV along with Allison Petrek, except in the 40th, 41st and 42nd episodes due to being on the road doing some stuff for the future of the game series, where he is replaced by Patrick Efird, and is absent in the 53rd episode due to having a meeting with Marvel team members in New York City at the time of the January 2015 nor'easter. He is also absent in the 76th episode due to being present at the San Diego Comic-Con International, as well as being taken over by Justin Asilo in the 85th episode because of not feeling well.


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