Joshamee Gibbs
Joshamee Gibbs
Character information
Name Joshamee Gibbs
Alias Gibbs
Franchise Pirates of the Caribbean
Sex Male
Species Human
Friends Jack Sparrow, Captain Barbossa, Tia Dalma, Pintel, Ragetti
Enemies Davy Jones, Maccus
Occupation Pirate
Residence Port Royal
Voice Actor Kevin McNally

Joshamee Gibbs is a major recurring character of the Pirates of the Caribbean series. He appears as an expansion character of Disney INFINITY.


Joshamee Gibbs is a part of a mission objective in Disney INFINITY, where the player must rescue him. Afterwards, he will help the player and on occasion steer the ship.

Pirates of the Caribbean

Joshamee Gibbs was the longtime comrade and devoted first mate of Captain Jack Sparrow. Teller of tales, handy with a bottle, this veteran sea salt was truly a skillful sailor who cleverly navigated his way through many deadly situations. The often-soused but always reliable Gibbs had an encyclopedic knowledge in all manner of pirate lore of the seven seas and an epicurean taste for rum. Once a sailor in His Majesty's Royal Navy, later an enthusiastic pirate, Joshamee Gibbs was a man who knew his way across every ocean, and into every pub. Gibbs was Jack Sparrow's most trusted comrade, one who cared as much about the Black Pearl as Jack himself did. On several occasions, Gibbs served under Jack's nemesis and rival, Hector Barbossa, but was never truly loyal to him compared to his true loyalty to Jack. Gibbs had an endless capacity to forgive, necessary when he sailed with Jack Sparrow, but lived a pirate's life and followed the Pirate's Code.


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