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Nobody brings a smile to your face like Joy. She's a ray of sunshine!
HexIcoN-game-Inside Out IcoN-Edition-3.0
Model INF-1000216
Costume Joy Costume
Voiced by Kate Higgins
Combat Ranged
Special Move Wave of Emotion

Joy is a character from the Pixar Inside Out film, and is included in the Inside Out Play Set. She may be used in:

She was revealed to be playable by a leak. She is included with Anger in the Inside Out Play Set, which was released at launch.[1]


Joy is lighter than the other emotions, and stays in the air longer during her jumps.[2] She also has the ability to glide across large gaps.[3][4]

As with all of the other Emotions, she can throw memory orbs which, when charged, can heal other players. She also has a combo, using waves of happiness to attack. Her Special Move, "Wave of Emotion", causes her to jump into the air "flood the area around her with an aura of happiness that weakens her opponents".


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  • Hi, I'm Joy! Hope you're ready to have some fun, because I know I am!
  • Sure it looks a bit messy around here, but we can handle it. Anything for our girl Riley!
  • You can count on me!


  • Joy's figure has a memory orb at the bottom, which glows slightly when the figure is placed on the Infinity Base, as is the case with the other Inside Out figures. Joy's orb is yellow, the color of a happy memory in the film.
  • In the film, Joy has 5 fingers on each hand, but in the game, she only has 4.


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