Kanan Jarrus
Kanan Jarrus
IcoN-hex-Star Wars IcoN-Edition-3.0
Franchise Star Wars Rebels
Model INF-1000213
Light FX[1] INF-1000244
Costume Kanan Jarrus Costume
Voiced by Freddie Prinze, Jr.
Combat Melee
Special Move Blinding Force
Icon-ability-ForceAdept Icon-ability-LightsaberMaster Icon-ability-Marksman Icon-ability-SuperJumper
"Member of the Ghost crew, Kanan Jarrus fights the Empire with his blaster...and his secret past: not every Jedi perished during Order 66."
--Hall of Heroes statue inscription

Kanan Jarrus is a character from the Lucasfilm Animation Star Wars Rebels TV series. He may be used in:

He is Force-sensitive, and was officially announced the 12th of June alongside the other Star Wars Rebels characters. He was a timed exclusive to WalMart. [2] Kanan Jarrus is also a Crossover Character, and can be used in any of the Star Wars play sets, once his Champion Coin has been collected in that set.[3]


The team at Disney Interactive knew from the very beginning of the development of Disney Infinity 3.0 that they wanted to add Characters from Star Wars Rebels into the game, and work began on the creation of those characters before the first episode of the series ever even aired.[4]

Kanan appears in the game in his Star Wars Rebels season two design, with marks on his shoulder padding that he did not have at the start of season one. This was done intentionally; all of the Star Wars Rebels playable characters were done in their season two designs, because season two would be the season airing when the characters were released.[4]


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  • Hey there! My friends call me Kanan Jarrus.
  • Hey! Not bad!
  • Never fails.


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