King Candy's Dessert Toppings
Franchise Wreck-It-Ralph
Type Customization (Texture) Disc

King Candy's Dessert Toppings is a Power Disc for Disney INFINITY. It is a terrain based on the Sugar Rush game from the film Wreck-It Ralph. It is part of the first series of Power Discs. It turns solid surfaces and plants into candy. It was also released separately and along with the Sugar Rush Sky skydome disc in the Toy Box Pack featuring Vanellope von Schweetz and Wreck-It Ralph. Its Skydome counterpart is Sugar Rush Sky.


Make your world look like Sugar Rush with these objects from Wreck-It Ralph.


  • The candy cane trees can not be placed on terrain blocks. The only way to get them on the blocks is to have them in a different tree then selected them with the wand and then change them into the candy cane form.
  • The model number is 4000046
  • Even though the name has King Candy (the main antagonist of Wreck it Ralph) the image is of Ralph (The Protagonist)


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