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Pirates of the Caribbean
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The Kraken is a boss from Walt Disney Pictures's Pirates of the Caribbean. It is first introduced and only appears in Disney Infinity 1.0 in the Pirates Play Set. It is not available for use in the Toy Box.

It is a boss-like creature in the Pirates Play Set, and can be seen in the trailer being summoned by Davy Jones and attacking The Black Pearl. It battles the player along with The Flying Dutchman at the end of the storyline. The Kraken is nearly undefeatable, but can be repelled using the Kraken Bane, an artifact whose recovering is the main goal of the play set's storyline.

It can also be summoned by the player in the Play Set with the Kraken Hammer. after defeating Davy Jones.

Occasionally, the Kraken's tentacles can be seen rising from the sea, often while visiting small isles.


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