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Levels are used as a general indicator of how much experience a Playable Character has earned.

Disney Infinity 1.0[]

  • Playable Characters collect Sparks to increase their experience.
  • When enough experience has been earned, their Level increases.
  • As the Playable Character earns new Levels, they also earn new Skills.
  • The maximum level a character can reach in 1.0 is 15.Icon-Level-15

Disney Infinity 2.0 (and 3.0)[]

  • Experience is earned by collecting Orange Sparks.
  • Icon-3.0-Skill Tree
    As the Playable Character earns new Levels, instead of earning new Skills, they earn Skill Points that can be spent on their Skill Tree to unlock new Skills.
    • 1 point per level from 1-3 (cumulative 3)
    • 2 points per level from 4-6 (cumulative 9)
    • 3 points per level from 7-9 (cumulative 18)
    • 4 points per level from 10-12 (cumulative 30)
    • 5 points per level from 13-16 (cumulative 50)
    • 6 points per level from 17-19 (cumulative 68)
    • 7 points at level 20 (cumulative 75)
  • The maximum level a character can reach in 2.0 and 3.0 is 20.Icon-Level-20


  • Icon-Ability-Respender1
    Playable Characters earn a Skill Tree Reset skill at level 10 (called "Respender 1"), and again at level 20 (called "Respender 2"). These reset the Skill Tree, allowing the player to respend their Skill Points differently.
  • Once both Respender Skills have been used, the only way to respend Skill Points is to return to the Main Menu, select Options, then Game Options, then Reset Figure.
    Prompt-menu-Reset Figure

    The player can then claim Ownership of the Playable Character, at which point they will need to earn experience and levels again, starting from zero (0).

Experience Bonuses[]

Additionally, players gain an experience bonus for each of certain items in their Disney Infinity Collection (see the Main Menu):

  • +5% for each 3.0 Playable Character (3.0 only)
  • +3% for each 2.0 Playable Character
  • +1% for each 1.0 Playable Character
  • +0.5% for having more than one of the same Power Disc

Bonuses are cumulative as follows:

  • Multiples of the same Playable Character each contribute toward the bonus (one 3.0 = 5%, two 3.0 = 10%, three 3.0 = 15%)
  • Multiples of the same Power Disc are not cumulative (one = 0.0%, two = 0.5%, three = 0.5%, four = 0.5%)

While Crystal Series Playable Characters count separately from their normal counterparts, the LightFX Series count toward the same character. For example, having both the Anakin Skywalker and LightFX Anakin Skywalker figures count as two (2), and will provide a +10% experience bonus (+5% for each). Collecting all possible Playable Characters can produce an experience bonus of 129% for 2.0 and 394% for 3.0.

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