Light Cycle2
Light Cycle
Franchise TRON
Type Ground Vehicle

The Light Cycle is a Ground Vehicle available in Disney Infinity 2.0. It originates from the Disney movie TRON, and was revealed in the "Tinker Bell and Stitch" trailer. It is a power disc first available only in the mobile and PC versions of Disney Infinity 2.0. However, GameInformer magazine confirmed that it would be available for consoles in Disney Infinity 3.0. It was later confirmed by John Vignocchi that it and the Light Jet would not be physical power discs, but rather as purchasable items in the Toy Store. [1]


The Light Cycle does not have any conventional Vehicle Weapons; however, it does have a unique method of defense. As it drives along, it emits a trail of blue light from behind, which effectively forms a wall for a short distance behind. If any character touches this wall, they are "de-rezzed" on contact.


  • When a player enters the vehicle, it dissolves and then slowly re-renders, manifesting itself digitally.


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