Lightning McQueen
Lightning McQueen
Character information
Alias Stickers, Rookie
Franchise Cars
Sex Male
Species Car
Friends Mater (best friend), Sally Carrera (girlfriend), Luigi, Guido, Holley Shiftwell, Francesco Bernoulli (main rival), Flo, Fillmore, Finn McMissile, Ramone
Enemies Chick Hicks, Grem
Occupation Piston Cup Racer
Residence Radiator Springs
Voice Actor Keith Ferguson

"Hey, I'm Lightning! Nice to meet ya'."
-Lightning McQueen, when placed on the Disney Infinity Base

Lightning McQueen is the protagonist of Cars and the deuteragonist of its sequel. He is a playable character in Disney INFINITY. Lightning McQueen was released on August 18th at launch, and a Crystal Figure of Lightning McQueen was released the same day exclusively at Toys "R" Us.


Lightning McQueen is a red grand-prix racing car. He has blue eyes on his windshield and red "eyebrows". On the side of his body is a flashy lightning bolt (colors the opposite way around in Disney Infinity) painted with the number 95 over it (faces different sides in the game). There are several dark red flames behind the thundershock. On his front, he has a painting that says "Hudson Hornet Piston Cup" on a trophy, with several flames around it. His tires are black and have the words Lightyear on them, which is a reference to Buzz Lightyear.


Lightning can tow objects and other players and cars, using his skill tree you can make load outs more powerful and give machine guns more ammo, and make him jump higher and also let him charge his turbo boost quicker as well as do faster air tricks.



Lightning is a red racecar sponsored by Rust-eze Medicated Bumper Ointment ("With Just a Little Rust-eze, you can look like Lightning McQueen!"). McQueen's model is a 2006 handmade race car-one of a kind.

He is #95 in the movie, and at the beginning of the movie, he is racing his first Piston Cup race in Nashville, Tennessee, and is winning. At first, McQueen is obnoxious and rude to everyone, but one night, on the way to Los Angeles, CA, he is accidentally separated from his transporter, Mack, after a quartet of tuner cars bump Mack's trailer, causing the racecar to fall out. When McQueen wakes up he notices that Mack is gone, and tries to follow him only to lose him in the process, and after a turn of events including almost being hit by a train and running into a grumpy Peterbilt, ends up in Radiator Springs where he accidentally tears up the main road and is arrested by Sheriff, who then tells him, "You're in a heap of trouble." The next morning, McQueen is put on trial, where Doc Hudson, the judge, want him out of town at first, but eventually changes his mind and has McQueen be forced to fix the road as punishment. While McQueen is still trying to fix the road, he eventually starts to know more about Radiator Springs and its inhabitants, including befriending a tow truck named Mater and falling in love with a sports car named Sally Carrera, who owns the Cozy Cone motel. McQueen then eventually realizes that Doc Hudson is actually a former racecar whose career ended after Doc suffered a severe accident one day and won four Piston Cups prior, and that Radiator Springs was once a popular tourist attraction but eventually lost popularity due to the construction of Interstate 40. Shortly after fixing the road, McQueen decides to stay at Radiator Springs much longer to help everyone out, only for Mack and several camera cars to eventually find him and send him to Los Angeles so that he can participate in the race. During the race, Lightning McQueen immediately performs several moves that Doc (now his crew chief) showed him during a race against him at Willy's Butte.

At the end of the film, he lost the race out of good intentions, and got a new paint job, but still sponsored by Rust-eze, although at the beginning of the film, he wanted a Dinoco sponsorship.

Cars 2

In the sequel, Lightning returns, but as a deuteragonist. This time around, Lightning is racing in the first ever World Grand Prix to determine who's the world's fastest car. But the road to the championship is filled with plenty of potholes, detours, and hilarious surprises. Number 95 Lightning McQueen is still a hotshot racecar, but his rookie days are past him. Now a permanent resident of Radiator Springs, Lightning has become a bona fide worldwide celebrity as winner of four Piston Cups. After his latest win, Lightning returns home to enjoy life in the slow lane for a while with sweetheart Sally, best friend Mater and the rest of his Radiator Springs family. His off-season is unexpectedly cut short when Mater inadvertently prompts Lightning to enter the World Grand Prix, a high profile, three-part exhibition race that will take him around the globe. With a fresh custom paint job and real, working headlights, Lightning sets off to Japan, Italy and England with Mater in tow for the adventure of a lifetime. But competing against the fastest cars in the world tests more than his racing skills when Lightning realizes his wide-eyed best friend may not be the pit chief nor ambassador he needs to navigate the unfamiliar international terrain. During a race against several other competitors including an Italian car named Francesco Bernoulli, Lightning unexpectedly loses the race in Tokyo after Mater is unexpectedly mistaken for a spy and therefore abandoning his position as crew chief. McQueen gets mad at Mater and claims that he doesn't need or want his help anymore, causing the tow truck to go on his own adventure as a spy. When he was in Porto Corsa, he learns from Uncle Topolino that he has been too harsh on Mater and should accept him for who he is. In the middle of the race in London, he chases Mater through the streets, trying to apologize, not knowing that he had a bomb in his engine. After the chase, they hear from Professor Z that it's voice activated and can only be deactivated by the one who activated it in the first place. Mater soon realizes that Miles Axlerod is the criminal behind the World Grand Prix, but is worried that nobody will believe him. Then, Lightning tells him what he learned, and Mater goes to the palace and forces Miles to deactivate the bomb. For that, Lightning decides to bring Mater to all his races from now on.


"Whaddaya you say we hit the road?"
-Lightning McQueen

"You ready to go? 'Cause I know I sure am."
-Lightning McQueen

"All right!"
-Lightning McQueen


  • There is a crystal version of Lightning exclusive to Toys "R" Us. The figure itself has crystal eye-lids, but in the game, he has red eye-lids.
  • His model number is 1000006, and his Crystal variant is 1000033.
  • Strangely, in 3.0, the subtitles do not cover McQueen's lines, or even the other Cars characters and Syndrome.


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