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Lightning McQueen
This four-time Piston Cup winner is revved and ready to race into action!
HexIcoN-game-Cars IcoN-Edition-1.0
Model INF-1000006
Infinite[1] INF-1000033
Costume Lightning McQueen Paint Job
Voiced by Keith Ferguson
Sergio Gutierrez Coto[2]
Combat Vehicle

Lightning McQueen (aka Stickers, Rookie) is a character from the Pixar Cars films, and is included in the Cars Play Set. He may be used in:

"Lightning's Collector Course" is added to the Disney Infinity 1.0 Adventures menu when the figure is placed on the Disney Infinity Base. Lightning McQueen was released on August 18th at launch, and a Crystal Figure of Lightning McQueen was released the same day exclusively at Toys "R" Us.

Skills and Abilities


Lightning McQueen can tow objects, other players, and vehicles. By spending Skill Points in his Skill Tree, you can allow him to charge the turbo meter quicker, jump higher, and do faster air tricks. For combat, you can also increase his maximum health, increase shield strength and regen rate, and increase the damage, ammo capacity, and rate of fire of any equipped Load-Outs.


Lightning McQueen's skills[3] and abilities[4] include the following:[5]

Health & Defense: Icon-health Icon-defense
Regenerating Shields[4] - must be depleted before health is affected
Shields & Tricks:
Ka-Chow Factor[4] increases the speed at which tricks can be performed
Ranged: Icon-ranged
Tire Fire[4] increases the rate of fire of any equipped Load-Outs ('attack' button)

Lightning McQueen does not have any skills that use the Special Move Meter. Icon-meter
For a detailed list of skills, see Lightning McQueen/Skills.
For Disney Infinity 2.0 and 3.0, a Skill Tree calculator for Lightning McQueen can be found here.


Infinite/Crystal Series

Infinite Lightning McQueen was produced as part of the Disney Infinity 1.0 product line, as a special "crystal" (translucent) version of the Character Figure.


For more quotes from this character, see Lightning McQueen/Quotes.
  • Hey, I'm Lightning! Nice to meet ya'.
  • Whaddaya you say we hit the road?
  • You ready to go? 'Cause I know I sure am.


  • There is a Crystal Series version of Lightning McQueen exclusive to Toys "R" Us. The figure itself has crystal eye-lids, but in the game, he has red eye-lids.
  • The subtitles are strangely missing in Disney Infinity 3.0.


For more game related media, see Lightning McQueen/Gallery.


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