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  • A-ha!
  • Aaaah, and we begin anew!
  • Again!
  • Ah, the perfect playing field for my special brand of mischief. Let the games begin.
  • Be gone!
  • Do you realize you are in the presence of Loki?
  • Enough!
  • Even more magnificent than before!
  • Get thee hence!
  • Have a care!
  • Here is your reward!
  • I feel renewed.
  • I have trickery on my side.
  • I thought they'd never leave.
  • Mm, I do enjoy this bit.
  • Now I can create even more mischief!
  • Once again I am my true self.
  • Serves you right, impudent fool!
  • That is for your arrogance!
  • The power of the gods flows through my veins!
  • This is interesting. You know, I like it!
  • Victory is mine, once again.
  • You are no match for my trickery.
  • You dare summon Loki?
  • You fool!
  • You, there! Bow to me!
  • You've chosen your company well.