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  • Best not let that happen again.
  • Cavendish is gonna regret ever ridin' into this town.
  • Can't get rid of me that easy.
  • Gotta watch your back, friend.
  • Greetings.
  • Guess I'm back.
  • I'm afraid I have to take you into custody.
  • Just a matter of time before you had to pay.
  • No holding back. I'm ready for anything.
  • One down.
  • Outlaws beware. Justice will be served.
  • Say, I'm gettin' used to this thing.
  • Sorry I had to do that.
  • Sorry to let you down.
  • That takes care of him.
  • This isn't over. Not yet.
  • This isn't the first time we've crossed paths with Butch Cavendish. What's he up to now?
  • Wait... what just happened?
  • What do you say to a truce?
  • You're comin' with me.