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Lone Ranger game piece
Lone Ranger Play Set
HexIcoN-game-The Lone Ranger IcoN-Edition-1.0
Game Type Play Set Game
Model INF-2000002
Genre Combat
Franchise The Lone Ranger
Figures Lone Ranger, Tonto
Cast Members Red Harrington, Sheriff, Engineer
Enemies Bandits, Butch Cavendish (boss)
Packs & Tools TNT Pack, Crow Wing Pack, Thundering Hooves Pack, Silent Warrior Pack
Mounts Silver, Scout, Mule, Elephant, Thundering Stallion, Palomino, Black Horse, Chestnut Horse, Golden Horse, Brown Pinto, Black Pinto
Vehicles Stage Coach, Train Engine
Customization Colby Sky, Desert Landscape

Banner-1.0-Lone Ranger Play Set
In the Lone Ranger Play Set Game, join the Lone Ranger and Tonto on a daring adventure to fight the villainous Butch Cavendish and his gang who are terrorizing the town of Colby.

It was released on August 18th at launch, and includes the Lone Ranger and Tonto character figures, as well as the Game Piece necessary to access the Play Set.


The set also opens up some interesting gameplay options, including Ricochet Combat, which lets the Lone Ranger and Tonto hit bad guys indirectly, bouncing bullets off metal objects in the environment. Horses will also come with the set, including the Lone Ranger and Tonto's horses, Silver and Scout. Furthermore, the set will even let players customize their own train, which plays a big part in the set.


The Cavendish Gang of Bandits has invaded Colby, and you are tasked with the mission of saving the town from them, along with a traveling camp of merchants (headed by Red Harrington) and a railroad worker's camp. This is usually accomplished by loading your train with commodities like lumber, water, cattle, and TNT. The end of the story is a face-off with the Cavendish gang in an abandoned silver mine in the mountains.


  • Savin' Colby
  • Soakin' the Saloon
  • Buildin' Relationships
  • Roundin' 'Em Up
  • Target Practice
  • Missing Her Man
  • Damsel in This Dress
  • Clearin' the Rails
  • Trainin' Day
  • Ranch Hand
  • Liberatin' the Tower
  • Rarin' to Go
  • Railroad Switch


Playable Characters[]

As per all play sets, only characters from the series the play set is from can be played in it.

Non-Playable Characters[]

Mission Givers[]


Toy Store Items[]


  • The background on the packaging hinted that there would be a train in this play set.
  • There is a day-night cycle.


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