When entering the game:

  • A pleasure, as always.
  • Hello there.
  • I have returned.
  • Shall we pick up where we left off?
  • What have we here... a human?
  • Why, hello.
  • You had quite a rest, didn't you? Shall we continue?

While idle:

  • (hums)
  • (laughs)
  • Hmmm... what adventures await me here?
  • Hmmm... what amusement can I conjure next?
  • Hmmm... what odd creatures will I encounter today?
  • How different this place is from the moors.
  • I had hoped to see more trees here.
  • I wonder how Diaval is getting along?
  • I've never been good at idleness.
  • Standing about aimlessly is so fulfilling.
  • The creatures here are of a different sort, aren't they?

During combat:

  • Did I forget to warn you? How rude of me!
  • Do not provoke me!
  • If you beg... well, we'll see.
  • Not possible.
  • Such action will not be tolerated.
  • Take care!
  • That was easy.
  • That was merely a taste of what I can do.
  • There's nowhere you can hide from me!
  • You do not want to anger me!

On level-up:

  • Ah... so much better.
  • Do I have you to thank for this?
  • How marvelous.
  • Mmmm... I'm feeling more and more myself!
  • Oh that feels... delightful.
  • Wonderful.

On defeat:

  • Again.
  • Ahhh... that's better.
  • And now... for an encore.
  • I have returned.
  • I rather like these second chances.
  • I shall not be defeated so easily this time.
  • I will not fail again.
  • Once more.
  • That was unpleasant.
  • Retreat! Now!
  • Shall we try this again?
  • What a strange sensation.
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