Marvel's Spider-Man Play Set
HexIcoN-game-Spider-Man IcoN-Edition-2.0
Game Type Play Set Game
Model INF-2000101
Genre Combat
Studio Marvel
Franchise Spider-Man
Figures Spider-Man, Nova, Iron Fist, Nick Fury, Venom, Green Goblin, Iron Man (crossover character), Hulk (crossover character)
Cast Members White Tiger, Luke Cage, Black Cat, Captain Marvel
Enemies Symbiotes, Green Goblin Drones, Green Goblin (boss), Mysterio (boss)
Packs & Tools Green Goblin's Impact Grenade
Mounts Police Horse
Vehicles Sky-Cycle, S.H.I.E.L.D. Hovercar, Green Goblin's Glider

Banner-2.0-Marvel's Spider-Man Play Set
Swing into action with Spidey and save New York City from the toughest villains!

Marvel's Spider-Man Play Set is a Play Set that is sold separately for Disney Infinity 2.0, and is based on the Spider-Man comics.


Playable characters

Crossover Characters

Non-Playable Characters

Mission Givers


Other Characters


  • Nova Saves the Day
  • City Web Race
  • Ring the City
  • Race Gate Challenge
  • Rooftop Rings
  • Bridge Rings
  • Right on Target
  • Crawl and Collect
  • Combo Crawl
  • Wallopin' Wall Crawlers
  • Hover Car Race
  • Ring Run
  • Sonic Weaponry
  • Rat Trap
  • Furious Frenzy


  • The Play Set Piece is the Spider-Man logo getting taken over by the Symbiote.
  • In the official trailer for the play set, some characters were seen riding both the Spider-Cycle and the Spider-Glider. This would seem to imply that the two Vehicles were both at one point supposed to be unlocked from inside the play set before they became Power Discs.
  • The playset and the Avenger's playset are both set in New York City.


For more game related media, see Marvel's Spider-Man Play Set/Gallery.

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