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Marvel Team-Up: Captain Marvel
Type Team-Up Disc
Franchise Captain Marvel
Game(s) Disney Infinity 2.0
Function Temporarily spawns Captain Marvel to fight alongside the player in battle
Availability Rare, sold only in spacial USA exclusive pack with Ultimate Falcon

"Team up with Carol Danvers. She won't pull any punches."

Marvel Team-Up: Captain Marvel is a Team-Up Disc first available for Disney Infinity 2.0. It allows the player to team up with Captain Marvel. It was supposed to be released March 24, 2015 but was pushed to March 27. It is exclusive to North America and was released in a special pack alongside Ultimate Falcon.[1]

On March 28th and 29th 2015, the special pack containing Captain Marvel, and Ultimate Falcon, could be obtained at GameStop for free with a purchase of $10 or more of Disney Infinity content.