Radiator Springs' resident tow truck. He's ready to roll and fixin' to get funky!
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Model INF-1000017
Costume Mater Paint Job
Voiced by Larry the Cable Guy
Carlos Kaniowski[1]
Combat Vehicle

Mater (aka Tow Mater, Sir Tow Mater) is a character from the Pixar Cars films. He may be used in:

"Mater's Tow 'n' Go" is added to the Disney Infinity 1.0 Adventures menu when the figure is placed on the Disney Infinity Base.

He was released on August 18th at launch.


Mater can tow cars, objects, and other players. Using his skill tree you can make load outs more powerful, give machine guns more ammo, make him jump higher, charge his turbo boost quicker, and do faster air tricks.


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  • Well, howdy! I'm Mater. Need a tow?
  • Hey, that's not very neighborly!
  • Best check yer vitals, I think yer outta tune!


  • For some reason, he is a lot less talkative in Disney Infinity 2.0, limited to little phrases said in-game. This was not changed in Disney Infinity 3.0, as some of the quotes he says when put on the base are still absent, as well as the quotes he says around the Cast Members, along with the sounds he makes when doing air tricks. Additionally, a couple of the sounds he makes when side-bashing are absent in the third game when they have been included in the second game. Also, his quotes are strangely not covered by the subtitles.
  • He has a different horn sound in the Disney Infinity game, compared to the one used in the Cars movies.
  • When turning into a monster truck, Mater's skill tree will reset, you will get all skill points back. Turning back to normal will turn the skill tree back to normal.


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