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Melee Attack or Close Combat is a form of attack that can be executed by playable characters and some enemies, too. It is the opposite of ranged attacks, as the character fights by being close to the opponent. Some characters have simple shoulder charges, while other have combo attacks consisting of 3-5 different moves.

Damage Increase

Damage Increase upgrade.

Melee Attacks always have one or more Damage Increase upgrades in the Skill Tree. Some characters also have Block Breakers, Power Attacks, and Strong Finish' that can be unlocked by upgrading their Skill Trees.

Block Breaker[]

Block Breaker

Block Breaker upgrade.

A Block Breaker is an attack done by holding in the 'attack' button. This makes the Character do a powerful attack, that breaks an opponents block. When enemies are about to do a Block Breaker, they flash, as a warning to the player. Block Breakers can either be a single move, or a combo with three different moves that can be ended early. Block Breakers can also be done by most Weapon Packs, regardless of Skill Tree upgrades.


A list of all characters known to have a Block Breaker, followed by the names of the attacks.

Groot - Bough Breaker

Groot's Block Breaker.

Merida - Sword Block Breaker

Merida's Block Breaker.

Power Attack[]

Repelling Attack

Power Attack upgrade.

A Power Attack is an attack that can be accomplished after a Block Breaker, if upgraded in the Skill Tree. This will cause the character to make a powerful move that repels the opponent. This has to be done soon after the Block Breaker, or else it won't work.


A list of all characters known to have a Power Attack, followed by the names of the attacks.

Hiro Powers

Hiro using his Power Attack on Syndrome.

Venom - Symbiote Send Attack

Venom's Power Attack.

Strong Finish[]

A Finishing Move or Strong Finish is an attack that can be unlocked in the Skill Tree. It adds an additional attack to the characters combo attack, one that deals more damage than the rest.


A list of all characters known to have a Strong Finish, followed by the names of the attacks.

Baymax - Tough Love

Baymax's Strong Finish.

Iron Man - Stark's Strong Finish

Iron Man's Strong Finish.