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Preview-character-Mickey's Magical Escape
Mickey's Magical Escape Icon-1.0-multi  
Brooms have surrounded the castle and it's up to Mickey to find a way out!
Type Character
Genre Platformer
Character Sorcerer's Apprentice Mickey
Players Multi
Cars? No
Medal-1.0-Bronze Bronze Under 8:30
Medal-1.0-Silver Silver Under 4:00
Medal-1.0-Gold Gold Under 3:00

Mickey's Magical Escape is Sorcerer's Apprentice Mickey's multi player Character Adventure in Disney Infinity 1.0. Characters from Cars cannot be used in this Adventure.


  • (Xbox 360, Wii U) Very rarely, when you restart the adventure, Sorcerer's Apprentice Mickey will warp to the very end giving the player the advantage of having a high score of about 15 seconds or lower.