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Missiles are first available in Disney Infinity 1.0. The weapon is a simple rocket launcher that can fire a single explosive rocket and then will reload, or, if used in the Cars Play Set or a Toy Box where a Vehicle Weapon Generator is used, will disappear.

How to obtain:

  • 1.0: They are unlocked after purchasing the Missiles Challenge in the Cars Play Set.
  • 2.0: They are unlocked by default.

They are similar to the Triple Missiles, but can only fire one missile before reloading or disappearing, whereas the Triple Missiles can fire three before reloading or disappearing.


  • The Missiles are the only Loadouts in the Cars Play Set that do not have an introduction video.
  • The video that plays when the Missiles Challenge (the challenge which unlocks the Missiles and Triple Missiles) is made available for purchase begins with the words "Why bother with one missile when you can have three?" while only showing gameplay of the Triple Missiles. This would seem to indicate that the missiles were at one point supposed to be unlocked before the Triple Missiles.