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Monster Truck Panel
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Shrink or grow your car by driving over this floor panel.
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Monster Truck Panel is first available in Disney Infinity 2.0.

It functions similar to the Grow Panel and the Shrink Panel from Disney Infinity 1.0. Once purchased from the Toy Store[1], it can be found in the Toy Box Editor:

To get Monster Truck Wheels, drive your Ground Vehicle over the panel. To remove the Monster Truck Wheels, drive your vehicle over the panel again.


  • The Grow Panel and Shrink Panel were removed from Disney Infinity 2.0 as the game's creators didn't have enough time to resize every character before the video game's release.[2]


  1. In Disney Infinity 2.0, it can be found in the Toy Store under the Disney Infinity 1.0 section; however, it does not appear in 1.0. It is unclear whether this was either a bug or oversight in 1.0, as similar functionality is present in the Monster Truck Tires from the Cars Play Set.
  2. Disney Infinity Twitter (9:46 AM - 5 Oct 2014 Tweet)