Sundial Day

The sundial on the day side.

The Monsters University Sundial is an object that was supposed to appear in Disney Infinity in the Monsters University Play Set, but was scrapped. It was s special sundial that was supposed to appear on a pedestal in Monsters University, to the left and in front of the M.U. Founder's Fountain. When a player walked up to the sundial and pressed a specific button, its top, where the actual sundial was located, would rotate 180 degrees and reveal the design on the reverse side. On one side of the sundial was an image of the sun, and on the other was a moon. When the sundial was activated, it would change the environment from day to night.[1] According to the game's development team, the play set would have a completely different set of missions in daytime as opposed to nighttime, meaning that changing the time of day would actually help players progress through the game by giving them new missions to complete.[2]

It is currently unknown exactly this feature was scrapped; perhaps the team felt that the missions constantly changing would be too confusing for players, or perhaps it did not work as intended. Another possible reason is that the game could not process the ever-changing missions.



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