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Lobby viewed from the Toy Box Editor

My INterior is a specific INterior-style Toy Box.

The first room is a Lobby, which has four door connections (two on the first floor, one on the second, one behind a Fireplace or Secret Door), a door to return to the Toy Box Launch or Hub, and can be customized with features not available to other INterior rooms, such as:


Icon-quote.png "Welcome to your very own INterior! There's not much to it right now, but that's where you come in. You can change floor plans, add rooms and hallways, decorate with furniture, posters and awards... The opportunities are endless!" —Toy Box Host, Introduction to the Toy Box

Icon-quote.png "Welcome to your INterior Home, a customizable living space that you can organize and decorate in any way you see fit! You're just in time to supervise the final stages of the renovation process!" —Narrator, My INterior mission "Paint Project"

Quests in 3.0

These quests appear as a purple marker on the player's radar.

Mad Hatter

The Mad Hatter's quests involve the player collecting collectables; either the Tea Cup Collectible, Tea Pot Collectible or the Gears Collectible. Collecting all of them rewards the player either a Sidekick or Sparks.

Snow White

Snow White's quests involve the player retrieving Snow White's "friends" - either the Bird or the Deer Critters. Dropping the Critter next to Snow White rewards the player either a Sidekick or Sparks.

Winnie the Pooh

Winnie the Pooh's quest involves the player collecting Hunny Pot Collectable. Collecting all of them rewards the player either a Sidekick or Sparks.


  • In Disney Infinity 3.0, when playing for awhile in My INterior, a Gift may show up at the Lobby Entrance.
  • In Disney Infinity 3.0, if you have bought all INterior items from the Toy Store, you can earn locked Toys from Play Sets such as the Inside Out Chandelier
  • The collectibles in the aforementioned quests do not spawn in the Sidekick rooms, hallways or the Money Bin.
    • However, they can spawn in the Garden Ballroom and any other INterior rooms, including the Lobby.


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