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New Toy Boxes are features in Disney Infinity that will help you get started when creating your own Toy Box. New Toy Boxes are available in the Edition they were introduced in, as well as all later Editions.

Disney Infinity 1.0

Empty Toy Box

This is the most basic Toy Box, originally available as a Prebuilt Toy Box World in Disney Infinity 1.0, and consists of a single Large Terrain Block.

Disney Infinity 2.0

New INterior

This is a basic INterior Toy Box, consisting of a single 3-Door Room B Room with three connecting doors that can be linked to other Rooms, and an INterior Door that can be linked to another Toy Box. It differs from the player's My INterior in the following ways:

New City Toy Box

Loading this will create an area of 11x13 Small Flat Terrain Blocks, subdivide it using Track Pieces to form 3x3 squares, place Sidewalk Pieces inside those, place various Decorations, generate random Buildings, and then spawn a number of random Enemies.

New Race Track Toy Box

Loading this will place a Toy Box Wide Race Track Creator (that later becomes a Wide Track Starting Line when complete), which will create a random race track, and then spawn Small Flat Terrain Blocks around it.

New Treehouse Toy Box

Loading this will place a number of Terrain Blocks, apply a unique Texture Set (that is not available by any other means), and then place three Toy Box Treehouse Creators.

Disney Infinity 3.0

In Disney Infinity 3.0, each New Toy Box (except the New INterior) also includes a Basic Start Position toy in the center, which represents where a character initially spawns in the Toy Box.

New Terrain Toy Box

Loading this will place a Smooth Terrain Creator, which will create some random terrain, similar to the Rolling Hills Prebuilt Toy Box World in Disney Infinity 1.0.