New York
New York
Franchise Spider-Man,
Marvel's The Avengers
Type City
Location Manhattan, USA
Appearances The Avengers Play Set, Marvel's Spider-Man Play Set
New York, also known as Marvel Manhattan, is the city where the story takes place in both the Avengers Playset and the Spider-Man Playset.

Marvel's The Avengers Play Set

In this play set, Loki and M.O.D.O.K. team up in an attempt to take over the world starting with New York, using an army of Frost Giants and freezing the city using special weather machines. It is up to the Avengers to stop them.

Marvel's Spider-Man Play Set

In this play set, Green Goblin and Mysterio have teamed up to take over New York, using an army of Symbiotes, cloned from Venom, to accomplish the task. It is up to Spider-Man and his friends to stop his evil scheme.

Major Landmarks


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