Anna Olaf
Olaf Costume
Franchise Frozen
Type Toy Box Townsperon
Olaf Costume is an unlockable Costume based on Olaf from Frozen. He is unlocked via Anna's Character Chest in Disney Infinity. In Disney Infinity 2.0, you can unlock Olaf Costume by purchasing it from the Toy Store or by taking ownership of Anna.

Character Information

Olaf appears in the Disney film, Frozen. He used to be a character made up by Anna and Elsa in their childhood, but later came to life. He helps Anna, Kristoff and Sven get to Elsa and bring back summer. Olaf is very carefree, friendly, and oblivious to some things. He has always loved the idea of summer, but isn't aware that he could melt in the sun.


  • Elsa can be considered Olaf and Marshmallow's mother, since she created both of them.
  • Olaf will be playable in Disney Infinity 3.0, so it will be likely that you will unlock this costume by taking ownership of him instead of Anna in that game.


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