Franchise The Incredibles

Omnidroids appear as enemies in The Incredibles Play Set of Disney Infinity 1.0, and are all unlockable in the Toy Box. They assist Syndrome in his quest to take over the city of Metroville.


There are four different types of omnidroids in the games:


  • The design of the basic Omnidroid enemy, is based on both the Omnidroid v.X2 (body, arms, and legs), and the much later Omnidroid 07-v.10 (head).
  • Early concept art by artist Sam Nielson showed attempts to imitate the earlier models seen on Syndrome's computer in the film, most particularly the v.X1 and v.X2.
  • There was to be a rocket that would crash down and deploy Omnidroids as if it were a Pez dispenser, but the idea was scrapped. In addition, there were to be smaller omnidroids, deployed by the Ranged Omnidroids, that would chase the players, but that concept, too, was scrapped.


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